Variety is the Spice of Life

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Life is a game. And playing games makes you better at life. Analogous to the variety in your life bearing fruit of your curiosity, the variety in your game life has a great effect on your roundedness as a person. Life is constantly making you jump around, roll the dice, and roleplay. One way you can prepare is to play.

When you play a game you are controlling yourself to fit in the game. It is an exercise for your mind that gets translated into the real connections in your brain. Then the effects of those connections slip out anecdotally into your real behaviors, meaning that shadows of the games you’ve inhabited come to life.

If we could make a video game that’s a perfect simulation of experiencing human life, people could play that game and be really good at living. They would learn the rules and stay calm when challenges came their way. They would strive to be their best. We can’t capture the totality of human experience in a video game, unfortunately.

Instead, we drop our brains into a wide variety of simulated abstractions of events and emotions. Our brain seeks and experiences more than a single game has to offer. From a single game, through our body, to our brain we are programmed into a way of being. The information relayed by a game is only a small shadow of the whole. But that small shadow of knowledge from that one game stays with you. And the more games you play, the more the shadows accumulate.

Games have a clear purpose. Life does not. But if the shadows illuminated by the games we play teach us anything, it’s that life should be fun.

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