Game Music

See Building Virtual Worlds page for game play videos.

Sound Design

Escape Room

This is the setup and sound design I did for an “Accelerator Mass Spectrometer” machine as part of an escape room for the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. The amp under the table powers the speakers and the buttkicker. When the guest pulls the lever, they initiate “analysis” of their sample specimen.


Robot voice: Also part of the escape room, the robot served as the hint giver for guests playing our escape room. I used a pitch shifter to make the live actor sound like a friendly helpful robot, and two wireless lavalier packs mounted inside the robot to allow the actor to talk to and hear the audience.

Robot voice processing

Robot voice processing set up. The actor could hear the audience through a speaker in the control room. The actor had a push to talk button so that people in the control room could talk. The actor had a microphone going through a voice processor and compressor before going wirelessly to the lavalier receiver on the robot. The receiver’s output was a tour guide speaker.


The Robot by Team Evolve, 2019

Mobile Game

I made a mobile driving game to help teens learn to be good drivers with a team of 3 other students. I did all of the sounds in the game except for the electronic song in the second interior car scene. Urvil Shah made that music. I also produced the game. We wanted to make learning about driving more relatable than the drivers manual. We were inspired by videos of parents and kids talking about teens dying in car crashes. It’s the number one cause of death for teens in the US.

Voice Overs

Hidden Pain (external link): a 360 VR Video Documentary about the Holocaust, on display in Carnegie Mellon’s Kenner Room.

Welcome to Camaguey: an interactive documentary about life in Camaguey, Cuba, on display in Carnegie Mellon’s Kenner room.


Apollo Fashion Show: a fashion show at Carnegie Mellon University. Tara composed and performed the intro and outro to the show.

Apollo Intro

Apollo Outro

At Home/On My Phone

gary you know that i don’t shred

just the wendys


pretty cutie patoot

daytime departure

Recordings from Cuba

hasta siempre comandante

Tara Molesworth, 2019.