My Mobile Addiction

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As I am here, finally starting to write, I’ve already fended off many inquiries from an unknown part of my brain wondering if I, at a moment of indecision, would like to play my mobile game. For many days, my intention has been to write a post about my relationship with my mobile game. Ritualistic procrastination and relaxation abound in the days between my brain storm and writing this post. Playing my mobile game, as it has for so long, filled the gaps in my productive brain’s appearances.

I call it my mobile game because many people have one of their own, and what it is for me doesn’t matter. But it’s my mobile game, my addiction, the game that I’ve played every day for almost 3 years. It’s available to me everywhere at any time at my discretion. I like checking every few hours when chests are ready to open for rewards. I’m not one to spend money inside games, but I have no problem getting sucked into the daily slog of loot and card hunting. I mean it when I say it and shock myself to realize that I have played this game most days since I downloaded it! I can’t think of another game of any kind I’ve played this frequently and this long.

Procrastination plays a big part in my constant playing. I do have fun when I play, but sometimes I can keep playing for too long, I think often to avoid making a decision about doing something else. And since the mobile game has many features to interact with and many real human beings to battle, a 3 minute game can hold my attention and I can begrudgingly agree to just one more. This loop may last for some time.

But also, playing is awesome because winning is awesome. When I’m on a streak I want to keep it going, and when I’m losing I want to figure out how to change up my game play. I always feel challenged by the game, like it’s a colorfully animated dumbed-down chess match. I feel dumb that I’m not better at it, having put so much time and effort in. Why hasn’t my diligence turned into a profitable career??

I won’t fail to mention that I often play when I’m on the toilet or bored watching Netflix. It’s an excellent companion activity and I know other mobile gamers utilize these times of life too. I have no shame or misgivings about playing for as long as my battery will hold out in an airport or at the bar. But when you have to work, you just gotta put the phone face down and know there will be a chance to play again very soon. Last night I was doing my homework and I missed a war battle and let down my team. You gotta stay on top of it to get the most rewarding experience! But that there sounds brainwashed.

Question for the future- Does my mobile game stand the test of time? Is it like watching the Office a million times on NBC and then on DVD and finally on Netflix?

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